What Your Driving Style Reveal About Your Personality

man holding a steering wheel

There are countless articles online detailing how you can identify someone’s personality based on tell-tale signs, but did you know that driving was one of them? As it turns out, the way someone operates a vehicle is an excellent indicator into what they’re like in real life. 

Pay close attention to how your family, friends, loved ones, and even coworkers drive after reading this article. You’ll be surprised at what you learn. Here’s what your driving style reveals about your personality. 

Rolling Stops

Failing to come to a full and complete stop at a stop sign is a quick way to need the aid of this San Jose car accident attorney, but it also shows that someone cannot be trusted to handle life’s details. This hazardous practice reveals that someone doesn’t mind cutting corners, and you’ll find the same is true about them in every aspect of life from relationships to work. 


Leaving less than one car length between your vehicle and the one in front you reveals two things. The first is that you assume nothing can go wrong. That could be because you’re carefree but it could also be the second, that your unimaginative. You just can’t imagine the unexpected happening. 

Hogging the Road

Refusing to allow other cars to pass is not only dangerous, but shows a passive aggressive nature. In real life, that could look like bogging down initiatives at work or slighting a lover in a not-so-obvious way. This practice can also reveal selfishness.

Road Rage

Whether it’s flipping the finger, screaming profanities, or other aggressive acts, driving this way reveals a person who is quickly frustrated and angered. If always done while driving away, the person may be somewhat cowardly. If things get really aggressive, this person could harbor abusive personality traits.

Laying on the Horn

A quick honk lets other drivers know they didn’t see the light change or alerts them to potential danger. When someone lays on the horn in unnecessary situations, it reveals that they are overly critical. At the same time, overly critical individuals tend to hate being criticized themselves. 

Texting and Drinking

Regularly driving drunk is a toxic trait in itself that usually ends in the need for legal aid like The Moorhead Law Group, if you need a DUI lawyer in Boulder, or worse. Studies show that texting and driving is even more dangerous. 

When either becomes a part of your driving style, you’re showing that you cannot be trusted with responsibility. How could anyone trust you with something if they can’t trust you to keep yourself and others safe on the road?


For personality, speeding simply says you don’t care about anyone else and that the rules don’t apply to you. You might have a superiority complex, a severe lack of empathy, or just harbor some incredibly dangerous personality traits. Usually, someone speeding is an all-around jerk who makes it their goal to make everyone else miserable.