Why People Are Obsessed Over Pinterest Ads Today

It is well known that Google is one of the top destinations for medium and small sized businesses for advertising, yet it is a very hypercompetitive environment that causes many people to look at advertising on television, taking out traditional print advertising campaigns, all of which is devoted to competing with larger businesses. However, the main problem is always the larger marketing budget that these other businesses have – you will find that they are often using social media. Traditionally, the older buying demographic has gravitated toward advertisements on Facebook, yet the younger demographic is often using Twitter.

The Explosive Growth Of Pinterest

Pinterest is a platform that has become more prominent today as an advertising platform than any other in recent years. In fact, Pinterest ads are becoming a type of bridge between young and old, something that you can see when looking at statistics such as American moms comprising 80% of the users and its growth doubling in Q2 2020 –  which is primarily because of the graphic nature of this platform and the multitude of different products that are there (nearly 250 billion Pins on Pinterest have actually been saved by those that use the platform over the last 11 years) seems to provide an opportunity –  when looking at the e-commerce field, especially in regard to advertising, it seems to be the best place for lead generation and the selling of services.

Excellent ROI Using Pinterest Ads

On average, Pinterest users represent massive growth on this platform, spending twice the time on this platform than any other, which is why it has so much traction in terms of being an advertising platform. Pinterest ads are very cost effective, especially when compared to other social media platforms – the cost is far less yet the payoff is extremely large. Researchers showed that 70% of the Pinterest ads that are seen are more likely to convert than what you would find on other social media platforms.

People can take comfort in the fact that advertising on Pinterest, and the success that people have found, is based upon real statistics regarding users and sales. First of all, social media sites that have been prominent have reached a point of maturity, whereas Pinterest continues to grow. This platform is also very young by comparison to other social media sites – however, back in 2020, it had over 300 million active users every month which is exceptional. This number today has over 450 million active users, and it is essentially more than SnapChat and Twitter combined.

When companies begin to export products, Pinterest is a great way to begin to advertise. Statistics show that over half of those that use Pinterest are not in the United States.

The Challenge That Pinterest Currently Faces

Pinterest is facing a very different type of challenge when compared to other social media platforms. This has to do with the conversion cycles taking much longer than you would find on other social networks. This is attributed to the fact that sales on this type of platform can be challenging in general. To make this work, it simply takes careful planning – plus you need to refine your advertising so that your campaigns can overcome these challenges.

Find Expert Health

There are many tools that Pinterest has released recently to help those that are using their advertising platform have a better experience – yet it is only through the use of experts that the power of this advertising platform can truly be utilized. These new tools, and their capabilities, have helped in the evolution of Pinterest as an advertising platform. However, it is more times than not considered a platform for brand building opposed to using it to drive traffic through a sales funnel.

The evolution of this platform has led to new tools being confusing, especially for first-time users – hence, it might be better to work with third-party companies and individuals that can provide proper insight. A great example of this is pins4profit.com which is operated by Lindsay Shearer – the advice that is provided by this individual has offered many people peace of mind when they are trying to figure out their advertising budget. It also permits other companies to see what the bottom line will be regarding how much they will be spending.

According to Lindsay Shearer, the algorithm that Pinterest is using is still maturing, yet it will at some point provide the best way for people to use this advertising platform to make a profit. Lindsay Shearer also states that advertising on Pinterest can pay off, yet it will take longer because of the much longer lead times that people will experience. Examples that are provided include selling beachwear, specifically during the summer. If you were to look at a traditional company, they would simply choose a demographic that is closely related to the summer season, yet Pinterest buyers are often looking at this months before they will need to make a purchase. It is because of this delay in the way that they are consuming all of this imagery that it can be challenging to launch a campaign and then make sales.

Why Pinterest Is Different

One thing that people have noticed is Pinterest using ‘Cost Per Million Impressions’ which is going to be very different when compared to those that are looking at cost per click on Google. Companies need to realize that, on average, Pinterest advertising is well over two times cheaper, even when compared to platforms like Facebook.

Almost all of the Pinterest users have explored looking at products and services they have found on Pinterest – those that are interested in cooking, DIY, and other topics and services are constantly looking every day. 66% of the people using Pinterest fall into this category. Smaller businesses, which is perhaps the most important demographic to look at – nearly 97% of the searches that you have on Pinterest are not related at all to the brand of a business, which means that users are looking for services and products that may not be big brand names – and this in turn increases their potential for penetrating any market.

To leverage the incredible potential of Pinterest advertising, and also supercharge your potential for sales at a lower cost, you need to get expert advice from places like pins4profit.com – and experts like Lindsay Shearer. By failing to do so, you will not be taking advantage of all that Pinterest has to offer – you may also not realize how much it influences buying decisions.