The Benefits and Applications of Teak Wood

montara teak table

The deciduous tree teak, also known by its Latin name Tectona, can grow as tall as 130 feet. Teak makes an attractive and durable material for outdoor furniture, boats, and several other types of applications.

Manufacturers used to have to wait until a teak tree was at least 40 years old to harvest it for the best building material. Thanks to new technology over the last several years, it is possible to get high-quality wood from a teak tree when it is just 10 years old. Indonesia has more teak trees than any other country in the world, which has had a significant impact on its economy.

Why People Appreciate Teak as a Building Material

Teak is naturally weather-resistant due to its high concentration of oil. The oil in teak creates an especially elastic building material, making it ideal for garden and general outdoor furniture. Yet another benefit of teak containing so much oil is that it naturally repels insects and other pests and will not rot or attract fungi.

The heaviness of teak makes it a sturdy choice for creating outdoor furniture. Teak can stand up to high heat and humidity and typically will not crack or warp in these conditions. When made into outdoor furniture, manufacturers place a finish on the wood that helps highlight the natural shine it gets from the high oil concentration even more.

The Environmental Benefits of Teak

Consumers concerned about their environmental impact can feel good about their decision to purchase items made from teak. Here are just some of its benefits:

  • Cleans air: As teak trees grow, they use energy from the sun to store carbon dioxide for the photosynthesis process. Timber from teak trees continually filter the air to provide a fresh supply. Thanks to its positive C02 balance, teak helps to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Filters soil: Teak trees naturally filter out harmful substances placed in soil by humans or left by animals. This process ensures that land remains fertile for years to come.
  • Prevents erosion: When planted on a slope with bushes or plants, teak trees can slow the erosion process or stop it altogether.
  • Sustainable: Teak trees drop hardwood seeds that property owners or foresters can grow into new trees if they wish. Another benefit is that young teak trees do not use a lot of energy as they grow.

Types of Outdoor Furniture Made from Teak

Teak is versatile enough to make nearly any type of furniture for the backyard, a park, or commercial outdoor space. Designs range from a simple side table to Adirondack chairs, benches, rectangular and round tables, rocking chairs, and more.

Many people view outdoor furniture as an investment and expect it to last for years, if not decades. Teak is known for both its longevity and its beauty. Finding quality outdoor furniture made from teak can sometimes be challenging due to regulations in some countries that limit how many teak trees foresters can cut down each year. Although furniture made from teak is generally low maintenance, people appreciate its uniqueness enough to provide extra care anyway.

Image Credit: Montara Table with Cavallo Chairs in Teak – Terra Outdoor Living