The Reasons Why Your Kids Need To Exercise

People wrongfully assume that because kids are young that they don’t need to do very much exercise. However, this is completely wrong because their bodies are growing every day and anything that can help them to become stronger needs to be embraced. As well as being good for them physically, it is also good for mental strength as well. Due to the pressures of modern society and the peer group pressure of social media websites, young children can be bullied online and this can affect how they feel. More young people suffer from depression and anxiety than ever before and technology, while a great thing, has contributed to this.

If you would like your child to be more active, The Athletic Buddha’s after school fitness program could be just what your child needs. It is an excellent way for them to get fit as well as making many new friends. It helps to improve on their social skills and it teaches them the importance of teamwork and also the need to sometimes work by yourself to reach your end goals. It is important that you set effective fitness goals for your kids, but if you are still not sold on the idea that young children need to keep themselves active and fit, then maybe the following benefits of exercise for kids can help to change your mind.

* It improves heart & lung health – Due to the fact that your kid is growing all the time, it is important that he or she has strong lungs and a strong heart so that they can compete in competitive sports and maybe even make a career out of it. Kid’s bones are particularly susceptible to injury while they are growing up and so exercises like jumping, running and baseball are a great way to improve the density of the bones and to make them much stronger. This is particularly important for girls because they tend to lose more bone mass as they get older.

* It boosts their immune system – Kids catch the cold and the flu so easily because they are around other kids all day at school. School is a melting pot for all kinds of viruses and so if you want your child to not suffer from these monthly events, then regular exercise can help to give their immune system a real shot in the arm. Children who are more physically active have lower levels of illness and infection than children who don’t. To learn more about the benefits of exercise and having a healthy body, please have a look here.

* It’s good for their brain – A good education is important for any growing child and so anything that assists with cognitive development needs to be embraced. Exercise helps to improve your child’s memory and the speed at which they can process information.

These are only three of the many benefits of making sure that your children are active on a daily basis. It helps them to get a good night’s sleep and that is also beneficial for the parents as well. Not having to fight with your child to get them to go to bed early is something that every parent should really want.