How Natalie MacNeil Created the Only Accredited, Multi-Modality Coaching Certification of Its Kind

The Transformational Embodiment Coaching Methodology is Natalie MacNeil’s holistic, multi-modality approach to transformation. It’s a balance of feminine and masculine, being and doing, aliveness and automation, rituals and habits, embodiment and mindset.

Why High Performance is Not Realistic nor Alignment 

High performance is a glorified term that many people like to use because it’s associated with elite individuals such as athletes and business owners.

However, what many people fail to realize is that high performance is not a natural state. It’s not a state that always leads to fulfillment, and can burn you out if hustle is part of high performance to you.

What you should focus on instead is your higher purpose, what provides you fulfillment and a higher state of expression. Many coaches focus on habits that you do day in and day out that provide you a certain result, however; with Natalie in this new paradigm – she focuses on aliveness over automation. 

The same way she prefers the balance of not automating everything in her business, because there’s a human element. Habits over time bring you into a space of being on autopilot (which isn’t bad at first and they have their use) but you’re only on this earth once and it’s important to be alive throughout and very conscious about it as well. 

Combining the Five Layers of Being Into a Certification Program

As Natalie started combining her training in emotional freedom technique, tapping, NLP, tantra, meditation; she started weaving all of that together with cognitive coaching and what she found was that it was the key to creating lasting transformation with her clients. 

You get to go through a program and create your own methodology and your own signature offering to bring out into the world. 

What Natalie is finding is that they are working with a lot of yoga teachers and meditation teachers and people who already have experience with embodied living and embodiment practice and now want to add additional streams of revenue.

These lucrative streams of revenue bring a lot of prosperity because coaching is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

Natalie and her team have the experience, they have the ability to hold space, in a way that makes them the future leaders of this industry. 

Your Resources will Expand in Proportion to the Mission You’re On

If you stick with the process, you can only grow. If you keep providing service, and keep coming more into alignment you can trust that you’re going to be given the resources for that

Your resources will expand in proportion to the mission that you’re taking on and the service that you are offering.

In an interview, Natalie mentioned that none of this should be connected to your self worth. If everyone could be more comfortable accepting all of the wild paradoxes that exist in this human experience, that exist in entrepreneurship, that exist in every facet of reality, everyone would be so much more at peace.

So if you want to signup with Natalie and experience the new paradigm of coaching you can visit You’ll get all the details of the program and also the link to the application.