Is Our Pride Making us Unhealthy and Unhappy?

In today’s world it seems like we are constantly focusing on making sure everyone knows how great we are.  There is so much anger and division and it seems nobody is really interested in learning anything new.  Most people spend all their time trying to learn new ways to confirm what they already believe.  

However, there is strong evidence that humility, and an accurate understanding of our own abilities, and biases can be beneficial to our mental and physical health.

According to a study done by doctors in Michigan, humility and an accurate understanding ourselves and a focus on others is strongly correlated to better relationships, higher levels of life satisfaction, more openness and a greater capacity to learn and improve.

They also found strong evidence that adopting a humble attitude and a willingness to admit when you are wrong leads to greater emotional stability and improved heart health.

I know we all are going through unique challenges this year.  However, it looks like more we can focus on understanding others and on being introspective, the more we will reduce stress and increase our own personal happiness.

So with Thanksgiving coming up, let’s all try to make an extra effort to listen and understand and not focus as much on being right.  This is something I need to hear as much as anyone.

Have a great week!