Digital Marketing Acronyms and Their Meanings

If you are not IT minded, the language can seem a little confusing and if you are thinking of setting up your own business and keep coming across things you don’t fully comprehend, it can be hard going. Here is our list of digital marketing terms, along with meanings.

  • SEO – The term ‘search engine optimisation’ is shortened to SEO and this is an essential service for every business that has an online presence. To optimise a website within a Google search will boost the site’s rankings when specific keywords are used, thus making it easier for potential customers to find you. If you join forces with a leading SEO company, they would optimise your website to be more prominent within searches, which drives traffic to your digital platform. While the term SEO refers to search engines, the term also means digital marketing in general, hence an SEO company is a digital marketing organisation that uses SEO and other strategies.
  • SMM – ‘Social media marketing’ is a sector that has evolved around social media and it is a very powerful marketing tool in the right hands. A digital marketing agency would have their own team of SMM experts and they take control of the client’s social media accounts, with a view to creating a large social media following, which is very good for business, regardless of your chosen industry. Here is an interesting article on how social media affects our lives, which is a recommended read for all small business owners.
  • PPC – ‘Pay per click’ advertising comes in several forms, with Google Ads being the most popular and if you approach a leading digital marketing agency, they can create a Google Ads campaign according to your monthly budget. If you have a team of PPC experts running your Ads campaign, you can be sure of positive results and hopefully, users will order your products.
  • ISP – The ‘Internet service provider’ is the company that provides your Internet connection and they have a range of packages to suit your business.
  • VoIP – ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’ is a system that enables audio and video communication via the Internet and this technology is used by Zoom, Skype and other video communication applications. Using VoIP solutions means much cheaper costs than with the regular telephone, which is why most businesses use this technology.
  • CTA – A ‘Call to action’ is a button on your website with messages such as, learn more, buy now, or ‘watch video’, which are designed to take the user to the next level of commitment. You will also find CTAs in traditional retail outlets and they are short and should have some impact, which is often all it takes for a browser to become a customer. Click here for government information about digital marketing.
  • KPI – ‘key performance indicators’ are the key metrics that you will measure to determine the performance of your ads campaign, which help you to direct where your message will go.

If you are about to launch your own business, approach a well-known SEO agency and they would be happy to help you create a dynamic digital marketing plan that will deliver results.