4 Ways to Save Energy this Winter

Here are 4 effective ways to save energy this winter:

energy saving in winter

We all want to find ways to save on bills. This gets hard in the winter because your energy use is often much higher. As well as being expensive, high energy usage is also bad for the environment. 

You use the heating more often to keep the house warm and comfortable and to heat your water for use. As it gets dark earlier, you have the lights on for longer during the day. People are also less inclined to go out and do things when the weather is bad, so they tend to use more energy overall. 

That’s why it’s especially important to find simple ways to use less energy this year and in the future. Here are 4 effective ways to save energy this winter. 

Get a Hot Water Recirculation System 

Finding more efficient ways to heat your hot water is a simple but effective way to save a lot of energy. The Water Heater Company, a water heater company in Verdugo City, recommends installing a hot water recirculation system this winter. 

These systems work by pumping unused hot water back around in a loop, so none of the energy is wasted. You get hot water as soon as you turn the faucet on as well, which means that you don’t waste water while you wait for it to heat up. This is key if you are looking to cut your utility bills and reduce your impact on the environment. 

Switch to LED Bulbs 

Making the switch to LED bulbs is one of the easiest ways to save energy. You don’t need to worry about changing them and you use a lot less energy during the winter.

Although they can be a bit more expensive in initial purchase costs than standard bulbs, they make up for it in usage. LED bulbs are up to 90% more efficient, which means reducing your energy bills. They also last a lot longer so you save costs from repurchasing new ones less often. 

Many people see a big increase in their electricity bill when they put up lights around Christmas as well. You can find some great LED holiday light strands to replace your normal ones. LED holiday strands will help you to keep your energy usage under control while still being festive. 

Cover Drafty Doors and Windows 

Insulation leaks make your home heating very inefficient. It takes a lot more energy to keep your home warm when you have heat leaking out and cold air coming in through drafty doors and windows. But you can easily get around that issue by improving the seals and insulation.

One way to do this is to use draft excluders around the bottom of doors. You can also get some great insulation tape and window covers to put on windows with poor seals or thin paned glass. In addition, it can help to have heavy curtains to cover windows at night and open to let in more sunlight during the day. 

If you spend some time going around the house and plugging any insulation leaks, you will notice a big drop in your energy consumption over the winter. 

Consider Using Space Heaters 

It’s a good idea to examine the different ways that you heat your home. In some rooms, if you’re only using a smaller area, it can actually be better to use a space heater than turn up the heat for the entire house.

If you have particularly large rooms in your home that are difficult to heat, it may be best to put a space heater in there so you can switch the central heating off when the smaller rooms are at a reasonable temperature. 

Saving energy is important, but it can be hard to achieve. When it gets colder and your energy bills get steeper, don’t fear! By following these 4 simple steps, you can save a lot of money and reduce your impact on the environment.