Digital Marketing Trends to prepare for in 2021

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Leveraging the latest digital marketing innovations and integrating them into a brand or business website will not only improve the business and its purpose moving forward, but it will also change the way customers engage with it, leading to more traffic and sales. Below we look at emerging digital marketing trends for 2021. 

Facebook Shops

Estimations predict that around 3.6 billion people are using social media worldwide, and the mobile eCommerce market is predicted to reach $3.56 trillion in 2021. Using mobile devices has become more efficient for most of the population, and integrating a shopping experience via a mobile device is at the top of the list for any business, however, doing it through social media will widen the reach even further. There will be no need to try and put together a WIX shop if you can do it all on Facebook.

As the market leader of social media platforms, Facebook has around 2.5 billion monthly active users. With its latest online ‘shop’ integration it’s helping more businesses sell their products and services with the aim to make it easy to start an online store. Users can create online stores for free, either via Facebook or Instagram and feature their chosen items and create product collections of up to 30 products that they can customize with design elements like color schemes, fonts, layouts, and much more. 

Facebook Shops also allow customers to communicate with the online store through Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, or WhatsApp. With eCommerce partners like Shopify, WooCommerce, Cafe24, CedCommerce and more, businesses will be able to use various tools to optimize and enhance their online stores. 

Chatbots from SnatchBot 

Chatbots have become leading tools for online companies in the digital market, they utilize AI (Artificial Intelligence) to respond to language, either written or spoken. Online companies can diversify their customer service and support systems with chatbots by incorporating these into their websites.  According to recent statistics, around 82% of users prefer the instant responses from chatbots when they contact a business or brand, additionally, businesses that use chatbots can reduce their costs associated with customer requests by 30%.    

Snatchbot is a leading platform for businesses that want to build their own chatbots. With free unlimited support and no coding experience required, users, such as Horst Shewmaker Law, can build and customize their chatbots to be able to engage and interact with online visitors on more basic levels or have more complex integrations like action buttons or translation options.

The BotStore is a marketplace that offers a myriad of chatbot templates in a wide range of categories like the Customer Service, Banking, Hospitality, Online Stores, Education, Business, Healthcare, and many others. Users can search the Bot Directory to find a specific template for their business, and either edit a bot or view a demo beforehand. 

Fast Web Hosting

For any business, website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial, it determines how high a website ranks in search engines like Google and page loading speed can also influence this. If users visit a website with slow page loading speed they are more than likely to leave, but with a good web hosting provider this can be avoided.  

Web hosting providers like HostGator offer various types of hosting like Dedicated Hosting, Shared Hosting, or Managed WordPress Hosting, 24/7 Support, and three payment plans that include a free domain and various other features that support a website to perform more efficiently.  


Businesses that are online, or thinking of going online, can integrate these various emerging trends in digital marketing to update their website to include a wider social reach, improved customer support, and optimized performance to increase customer retention and online visibility.