Top 4 Reasons Why Urgent Care Centers Are On the Rise

In the year 2019, the United States reported rapid growth of urgent care centres which was equivalent to 50% from the year 2014. The rapid growth of urgent care centres is associated with increased growth in population. Most patients are turning to these centres to seek medical attention rather than visiting their primary physicians or the emergency rooms. Besides the patients seeking better work-life balance, other factors are driving the growth of the industry. 

Competitive Insurance Plans

The selective health insurance plan offered by urgent care clinics helps the patients a chance to select policies that are of benefit to them and caters for their needs and lifestyle. People use what works best for them. Urgent care centres have opened doors towards convenient care for people of all ages and gender.

It helps the patients to access medical attention and modern medicine that is readily available at a competitive price and with more ease. Most insurers provide coverage for urgent care services though the amount of coverage will vary from the type of plan or the service provider.

Less Expensive

Urgent care centres are cost-effective compared to emergency care. Their costs are almost equivalent to those of primary care or even less, making them more affordable. According to 2016 claim data, the average cost of an emergency room visit was $2,259 while that of urgent care centres was $176. This difference gave the patients the reason as to why they should seek medical attention in urgent care clinics and not to emergency care. 


In most cases, patients with non-emergent health problems tend to call their primary physicians to book an appointment which is usually between 8 AM-5 PM and not on weekends. Some physicians do not offer same-day scheduling which means it will take the patient some time before being diagnosed, which can turn to an emergency case later.

Relatively urgent care centres provide patients with quick and convenient access to health care. They are designed to take care of walk-ins and same-day appointments which means patients with emergent health problems do not have to wait.

Meeting Public Demand

We live in a time where most people, especially the young generations, want things done quickly. Compared to other generations, millennials visit urgent care centers and clinics more according to research. Nowadays, patients are attracted to faster appointments with a physician.

Urgent care centres with their more extended hours and walk-in appointments fulfil many people needs which primary physicians cannot achieve.

Bottom Line

According to research, urgent care is one service that checks both boxes. The services are faster, better and also less expensive. Urgent care industry has become a trend that matches more adaptable audience looking for simpler processes to owning their health. Exceptional services and affordable prices are all that urgent care centres offer, and that is all most patients want.  

Urgent care centres play a vital role in providing services to a wide array of patients who for various reasons, cannot be able to reach to a primary physician.