Why Having Strong Core Values is Important

In order to maintain a high level of value for oneself and others, it’s important to do our best to adapt to situations with kindness. In order to maintain values that instill good grace, happiness, and respect, we have to continue practicing them day by day. Many exemplary civilians like Shalom Lamm practice their core values in a professional setting. By doing so, we can remain grounded and practical if unpredictable situations were to arise. 

As we grow up, we develop new skills or maintain the ones we’ve already had. By continuing core values, like kindness, spirituality, and many others we can be better people. It takes more effort than some predict to uphold these values. Lots of unknown events can happen that push us away from our values. If they are true and righteous, our values should always prevail. Another important case for why values are so important is because they are unique to us. Just because others may disagree with our core values doesn’t mean we must lose them. It’s important to adapt to them if they were somehow wrong or unjustified, but never to forget why they exist. Many, like Shalom Lamm, uphold core values and make them traditions for future generations.