Why Heritage is Important for Our Values

woman reading book

Our personal heritage is a crucial part of self-discovery and self-image. Many of our heroes are family members who instilled great values in us. If not family members, then war heroes who saved loved ones from disappearance and heartbreak. Shalom Lamm has high respect for his family’s heritage. He even studied history at university because that’s how strong his values became. 

When an individual learns about their family’s heritage it’s important to have a positive attitude when discovering new information. There will be times where one disagrees with how something was completed or feuds were instilled. However, each and every moment of that history has cultivated the person they are today. Going through and learning about the history of the people who raised us is a transformative experience. Being able to look at old pictures, films, and literature that was created by a distant relative is a magical experience. Every decade seems to be a different world. Technology is so fastly evolving and there are so many differences in culture. Fifty years ago, it was a different world. The values that heritage can instill on a person last lifetimes and people like Shalom Lamm make sure to pay homage to his history because of the effect it has had on him.