In order to be a benefactor, one must have money to invest. If a person is successful in sponsoring a company, organization, or individual, the group can flourish and help grow the economy even more. Furthermore, most benefactors support non-profits, like Shalom Lamm. By doing such good deeds, the nonprofits flourish and help build communities with stronger connections. 

It of course takes a lot of money to do such nice deeds. It takes a lot of dedication, research, and expertise to handle what some companies may have to encounter and need from a benefactor. If sponsoring a non-profit, a lot of resources go into supporting that cause. That can include money for office space,  food, donations, salaries, events, and so much more. It takes a lot more than what meets the eye. Although supporting an organization or company may not be in everyone’s future, there are other ways to support it. Volunteering is one cost benefactors usually can save money by having, especially for non-profits. More importantly, it gives people experience and helps build networks for the company. Shalom Lamm only recommends being a benefactor if you are financially stable enough or have gone through serious consideration by the company at hire.