3 Exceptional Ways to Increase THC in Your Homegrown Cannabis

If you are a marijuana grower, you understand the importance of a high THC level in your final product. There is no point in growing deliciously smelling weed that doesn’t knock your hat off. First-time growers may not be overly conversant with the different aspects that can help them get high THC levels on their products.

The good news is that they now have the power to induce high THC levels on their plants with the few tips and tricks highlighted on this guide. 

Consider Curing the Herbs  

Curing of cannabis can help you achieve high THC levels. The process involves placing the weed into a tightly sealed jar once it has dried. When cannabis is put in an airtight container, it causes chemical changes that boost the intensity of the cannabinoids.

After harvesting cannabis, you should dry them thoroughly. The ideal environment is a humidity of 50% and a room temperature of 21 degrees Celsius. Make sure that you trim all the leaves and then dry for at least seven to ten days. If the stems are capable of snapping and your buds feel dry, it’s time to cure.

During your first few days of curing, open the jar a few times a day. If the buds are sticky, they’re probably within the 60 to 65% humidity range, which is ideal for curing. In the next one or two weeks when the buds aren’t moist anymore, open the jar every few days.

Your cannabis will improve potency for up to six months while curing. Further curing isn’t necessary past this point, and you should consider long term storage if you’re not planning to use it.

Know the Right Seed to Buy

To get high THC levels on your yields, you should begin by researching for seeds that will get you highly potent cannabis. If you plan to order seeds, FullSpectrum is among the best online platforms to help you choose the best marijuana seed banks.

Once you’ve found a seed bank, its best to educate yourself about the THC levels of different strains. Gorilla Glue and Girl Scout Cookies are just a few examples of strains that pack a punch. Purchasing seeds with high levels of THC is just the first step. Other factors such as lighting conditions will also determine the level of THC.

Decrease the CO2 Levels in the Last Stages of Flowering

Decreasing the level of carbon dioxide in your grow house in the final stages of flowering (ripening happens at this stage) helps in the production of flavonoids, terpenoids, and trichomes. It also stimulates the production of ethylene, a natural gas that is important to the ripening process. 

By decreasing carbon dioxide, the plant utilizes the remaining energy in the production of ethylene. This helps to produce more trichomes, which results in increasing the THC levels for your final harvest. As you decrease the carbon dioxide level, try dropping the temperature between 10 to 15°F. 

At this temperature, plants see it as a signal that frost is coming, and they’ll finish to flowering stage. They accomplish this by putting the remaining energy into improving the cannabinoid and producing resin, which enhances the aroma of your bud.

Time to Grow More Potent Cannabis!

When it comes to increasing the THC levels in your cannabis yield, the genetics and plant strain are the most important. When you start with a high THC strain, it makes a huge difference in your growing efforts.

Now that you are ready to grow cannabis, the tips highlighted on this guide should help you maximize the THC level in your yield.