Healthcare Workers on Long Island Receiving Free CBD Products

Thank You frontline workers: doctors, nurses & healthcare workers for fighting Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak. Cartoon professional medical staffs wearing surgical mask flat design.

Taking CBD for pain or for relief from sleeplessness is nothing new, but these advantages are making themselves known more and more as people grapple with the increasing stresses that the novel coronavirus has unleashed.

From economic turmoil to massive job losses to the underlying health crisis itself, there is more to worry about today than ever before and even that in itself can be a crushing realization for some and particularly for those on the frontlines of healthcare who see a horrible tsunami of patients coming their way

That’s why one store in Long Island has taken it upon themselves to give out at least $50 of free CBD products to healthcare workers in the region who are putting in long shifts due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While it is not a substantial amount by any stretch, it is just enough to help workers get through a tough period and perhaps even introduce them to the wonders of CBD products, a niche that is still relatively new and unknown to many people. Whatever the outcome, the spirit of giving is what has prompted the move or, as store owner Brittany Carbone says, “We know what they’re doing as far as really putting their health on the line, but their mental health is what’s suffering as well.”

And they could use all of the relief and held that they can get in New York City. As far as the pandemic goes in the United States, the greater New York City metropolitan area is the hardest hit in the nation so far. The virus is not only infecting many more people there than in other places but also it is resulting in high mortality rates – all of which is placing a huge strain on an already overworked healthcare system. Carbone’s contribution in terms of the total product was small, numbering some 1,000 samples.

Giving frontline healthcare workers a sample of CBD products is part of the broader goal of introducing the wider public to the niche, making it a win-win situation for both the industry and the people who received samples. The heroes of healthcare get a sample that can hopefully help them cope with the pressures of the day while the CBD industry gets a unique opportunity to educate the wider public about its products’ many benefits. As Carbone describes, “Our mission at the end of the day is to bring as much healing to as many people as possible.”

One recipient of these CBD care packages, Claire Dimaculangan, told the Long Island News that, “It just brings a sense of calm to the high stress, so I can function the next day, I can sleep and be 100% the next day to go to work.” With social distancing measures and quarantining expected to stay in place throughout much of the country until June, CBD might also shine for its mental health benefits – especially where stress is concerned.