The Changing Face of Education: Online Solutions

The Internet has changed our lives forever, of that there is little doubt, and the journey along the digital development road brings with it many benefits, particularly in the field of education. Broadband Internet is here to stay (barring a solar flare), and with the global rollout of 5G, the entire planet will be wired into a grid that will support every single digital device.

What does that mean for education?

There is no longer the need for teacher and student to be in the same physical location, and while we have had that capability for quite a while, the current bandwidth of the Internet empowers the learning experience. The teacher has a whiteboard, which he can use at will, and with real-time audio, you lose nothing by being in different locations, add to that the chat window that is graphics enabled, with file sharing and you have the perfect learning platform.

Online tutoring

This new industry has exploded onto the scene; check out and you can see what is available. One on one tuition by the best tutors and you get to choose when you study, what could be better than that? You only have to look at their impressive reviews to understand why this organisation is so busy. There are online learning institutions springing up all over the world, plus there is a growing call for online learning in place of the traditional formal education, especially with the current health crisis we are experiencing.

Exam preparation

When a student is preparing for an important exam, online tuition is the perfect solution, as the tutor would first evaluate the student, then prepare suitable course material, and with mock exams, the tutor can establish the learning and adjust accordingly. A few weeks is all it takes to cover the course material and the student will get a higher grade, thanks to the revision, making it a very attractive proposition for any learner.

Problem solving

We are learning that too much classroom instruction has consequences, children do not develop critical thinking skills and cannot problem solve, so we are seeing a move towards active project-based learning, where the children work in groups, each with the same goal. Hands-on learning is definitely the buzz word in academic education and this should be evident in all grades from kindergarten to university.

Video conferencing

This is a very powerful learning tool; a group of learners can actually interact much like they would around a table in the classroom, and we are seeing this in commerce, as marketing and design teams collaborate, while in different locations. Features such as whiteboard, file sharing and graphic boards all enhance the experience and this has a place in formal education and will be used more and more as time passes.

Education is moving into a new arena, as we create a 5G network that will envelope the planet, and virtual learning is most definitely the future.