Why Many Nurses Are Committed To Holistic Nursing

It is said that nursing is a calling rather than a profession. Most nurses choose their career path because they are dedicated to improving the lives of those they are caring for. It is passion. Whereas many people choose their careers based on the possibility of earning large amounts of money, nurses often do it because they care for people. However, in recent times many nurses have become disillusioned with the traditional approach to the profession. 

This is an approach that focuses almost entirely on the physical needs of the patient – a very Western approach. However, recent studies have shown that an exclusive focus on the physical health of a patient may not be the solution to providing a better quality of life over the long term. Many patients may find that although their physical symptoms have receded there are still problems caused by chronic disease or surgery.

This may be because human beings are more than a collection of nerves, muscle, connective tissue, and bone. Human beings are complex – they have spiritual needs, emotional needs, social needs, and much more. This is why many RNs are turning toward the idea of holistic nursing

However, traditional nurse training does not provide RNs with the skillset that they need in order to ensure that patients can be empowered to heal themselves from within – however, becoming an integrative nurse coach can help patients take the necessary steps to live a better and fuller life – and can also help nurses rediscover the passion that made them choose their career path.

One of the ways that a nurse can become a fully qualified practitioner of holistic nursing is to take part in a Transformative Nurse Coach Certificate Program. Such a program is offered by The Nurse Coach Collective. The certificate program is aimed at elevating the lives of both the nurses themselves and the patients that they treat.

The training allows nurses to focus on the human being as a whole – and offer support in areas such as nutrition, exercise, optimization of movement, mindfulness, optimizing sleep habits, and ways in which personal relations can thrive both during and after illness or surgery. This leads to patients living lives that are both happier and healthier. 

Holistic Nursing offers a path to a better and more fulfilled life, both for patients and for nurses themselves. It avoids the ‘quick fix’ mentality that has now become a hallmark of Western medical practice – and is perhaps why many people are seeking alternatives to the idea that once the body is healed, the disease is overcome. That is proving to simply not be true. The echoes of disease and physical pain can reverberate long after the physical healing process has concluded. A fact that many RNs have realized.

The integrative nursing approach has been designed for nurses by nurses. These are professionals who have walked a mile down hospital corridors in a nurse’s shoes. they know how easy it is to become disillusioned by the traditional way that things are done – and they know that inspiration can come in the form of holistic nursing.

The many nurses who have started the transformative journey toward the holistic practice of nursing mean that any who starts down this path will not be doing so alone. They will be joining a global community of nurses who want to recapture that drive that made them become nurses in the first place – and have found that new inspiration once they have achieved their certification. 

The fact that this course and certification are being offered and that so many nurses are choosing to supplement their original training by taking the next step of elevating their qualifications to include the skills that are required to offer patients a more integrated service is ample proof that the practice of medicine is in dire need of disruption.

although technology and new discoveries are playing their part medical practitioners often forget that at the heart of their service offering are people. And people are a complex web of needs and desires, physical, mental, and spiritual. Any nurse who has dealt with a patient before has long realized that people need much more than physical healing. They need the support of someone who can guide them along a path towards wellness that comes from the inside out.

This path is winding and complex. And requires a helping hand extended by someone who has the skills to make the journey less daunting. 

If you are a nurse that is sure that the services you offer patients can be so much more than those related exclusively to their physical wellbeing then perhaps it is time to take the next step towards a qualification in integrative holistic nursing. You may find that it is not only the patients who are reached by this approach – but your faith in what it means to be a nurse.
To Learn More about becoming a certified Nurse Coach visit The Nurse Coach Collective.