When a person wants to expand and better their wardrobe there are critical aspects to remember. First, a person must make an inspiration board. This can be great for those who are unsure of the style they want to process. Style experts like Helen Schifter know that changing up one’s look isn’t easy. Many find it difficult to commit to a wardrobe and need time to think about what fits them best.

Next, look for sustainable clothing. With 2020 being one of the worst years in regards to pollution, it’s critical to be conscious of one’s fashion choices this upcoming season. Using clothes to better a person’s styles should only happen if it is also good for the planet. Lastly, when a person is betting on their wardrobe it’s important to donate older clothes. By doing this, it gives a chance to others who might be wanting an upgrade in clothes as well. In addition, this is a sustainable way of returning clothes back into the market without throwing them out. Helen Schifter highly enjoys updating her wardrobe in regards to being more eco-conscious and charitable. It’s easy to go overboard when shopping, so make sure the clothes are from an ethical brand.