What Do I Need To Grow Marijuana?

Marijuana has a straightforward growing process, and it’s possible for anyone to grow marijuana. It is as simple as growing it in your backyard or a pot. To grow marijuana, you will require some essential equipment that will offer proper and timely growth. With this equipment, you can maximize your yield and increase the potency of the plant. Cannabis seed, soil, container, grow light and grow tent are some of the essential items that will offer you a good yield. In case you are growing it inside your house, then an oscillating fan, temperature monitor, charcoal filter, and nutrient solution are some of the equipment you will require.

A close up of a plant

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Below are some of the items that you will need to grow marijuana in brief:


Seeds are the most primary item that you will require to grow marijuana. If not seeds, then you can also grow marijuana with the help of clones. Many licensed stores will provide you seeds that will help you grow marijuana in your chosen setting.


To grow marijuana, you will require a fair amount of space with perfect temperatures required for growth. Space depends on the number of plants. You can grow marijuana anywhere, which is one of the fascinating things about this miracle plant. To grow, you can start with your basement, warehouse, or even a shipping container. If you are growing these plants indoor, ensure you keep a daily watch on them to check any pest that might attack the plants.

Tents are very favorable for the growth of marijuana provided you can maintain the minimum temperatures required. This DIY grow tent guide from ILGM offers the right steps to start growing them in a tent with a hassle-free process.

The medium of growing:

Once you have decided on the seeds and space required, the next big thing that comes to mind is the medium of growth. There are generally two ways of growing these plants. One is with the use of seeds, and the other is without seeds. Hydroponics is a process where these seeds are grown without the use of soil. This process involves feeding nutrients to the plants by circulating water. This process is prevalent as it requires significantly less time compared to traditional methods. Also, the yields through these methods are far better.


The water supplied to the plants must consist of a quality that is suitable for marijuana growth. Water used to grow marijuana should at least contain 400 ppm of mineral content. The water should not consist of any chlorine. Ensure you have a TDS meter to have a check on the water standards.

Nutrients and pH Balance:

Cannabis plants require nutrients for proper growth. These plants survive on a ton of nutrients available to multiply and thrive. There are three micronutrients essential for the growth of cannabis plants, which are nitrogen (N), potassium (K), and phosphorous (P). Apart from these, you can also feed these plants with nutrients like zinc, manganese, iron, boron, and many more. There are many nutrients solutions available for cannabis plants to feed them to ensure proper growth and a solid yield.