Charity and Generosity Matter, Greatly

Ken Kurson has imbued positive and virtuous values in all the pursuits and activities he’s taken upon himself over time. Philanthropy can be defined in several different ways. Traditionally, people consider and view philanthropy through charitable contributions or monetary gifts. Perhaps one person will make a grant to a university or academic institution; another, that might be more affluent, will steer their monies toward an endowment for a university or an academic program of any sort. 

These programs don’t necessarily have to be academic in nature. Anything that has a positive or meaningful contribution to society will be viewed admirably by mainstream society, and its members. According to Ken Kurson, the idea of philanthropy should extend well-beyond such giving. A social engagement or activity that produces noble results is just as meaningful. In fact, in some cases some may make the argument that it  can even mean more to people.

Perhaps you choose to volunteer your time at a local soup kitchen. Others might choose to volunteer their times in other ways. No matter the activities you’re engaged in, if you are spending your time and energies on constructive and meaningful purposes and initiatives, you’re doing good work. Such activities should be viewed in a positive way. 

The impact that acts of generosity can have on a community and more broadly a society, can be extraordinary. And if each individual focuses on being a bit kinder and being a bit more generous, the results in the aggregate can be truly meaningful. Perhaps there’s an elderly person that crosses your path to work every-day that needs to see an extra smile. Your providing that to him might just give him the motivation he needs to get through the day. 

These seemingly simple ideas and gestures might seem marginal in terms of their importance to some; but that is far from the reality. What one man might consider insignificant, might change another person’s day or even the tenor of their entire life. There are many examples of this; but it  boils down to the fact that all human beings are wired differently. Humans react differently to various activities, gestures and overtures. 

This is what makes the human race so fascinating and remarkable to study. Its diversity not only in terms of its physical and outsider outlook; but it’s internal and emotional outlook, make for the melting pot of diversity so many are accustomed to. There are many people that don’t take the time to consider these sorts of acts, and their corresponding importance. That’s problematic and even concerning. There should be an urge to encourage people to recognize the value of being generous. Recognize the value of being a good and kinder person. The results will be substantive; and might just change lives in the process. Only then, will we all be able to agree that it  was worth it . 

But in the meantime, let’s not conflate different issues or complicate things. We know that acts of generosity are appreciated. And we know that being a good person is valued. Let’s help each-other especially during the times when it  maters most. Times like these; when people are hurting. Not just economically; but also physically and otherwise.