Plant Based Vitamins: Why It’s Better

Plant Based Vitamins: Why It's Better

There is a new kind of vitamin out there that is getting a lot of press lately because of its innovative formula and design. Rather than the colored tablet you are used to seeing, plant based vitamins look like something you pulled out of your lawn mower. But, don’t let the green and natural look scare you, these vitamins are big news in the nutritional world for some very good reasons. These vitamins have that distinct look because they are made from the kinds of things you would think are obvious for good nutrition and health. Straight from the plant, straight from mother earth, these new style vitamins are simply better that the traditional tablets we have taken for years. Here’s an interesting look at the cool subject of plant based vitamins: why it’s better.

Plant based living in general has grown steadily in popularity for several years already, but the new way to take vitamins has taken this form of lifestyle to a whole new level. There’s a big difference between an ordinary multivitamin and a plant based vitamin, and that is the plant based variety get their vitamins and nutrients from plant based, natural sources. The body simply absorbs these naturally derived nutrients better than it would with an ordinary, traditional multivitamin. These traditional vitamins have synthetic vitamins and minerals that are not assimilated by the body in the same way that a plant based vitamin is. And, in fact, there may be a different chemical structure in those synthetic vitamin pills that we may have traditionally taken. 

Natural nutrients like these plant based vitamins are known as whole food supplements, which means they are made from concentrated, dehydrated foods to make the tablet you will take as a multivitamin. That’s why it looks like something you might find in nature, it is not refined to the point that it is unrecognizable as anything we would eat normally. Synthetic vitamins are made to mimic the effects of natural foods and the nourishment that’s in them. However, this chemical may look identical under a microscope, but that doesn’t mean it will be absorbed by the body in the same way. Make sure you check the label to see if your vitamin or supplement says it is plant based, and all-natural. And then take a look inside the pill bottle, your authentic plant based vitamin will look like a clump of green food stuff, and not like a traditional pill.

Many people who practice a plant based lifestyle are vegan or vegetarian. While mostly very healthy, these lifestyles must be supplemented to keep your body fully able to function at an optimal level. It is possible your body may lack certain important nutrients while you are practicing veganism. That’s why a plant based multivitamin is the perfect solution for vegans and vegetarians who want to make sure their bodies are getting the full amount of nutrients that are recommended by doctors and health professionals. 

No matter what kind of lifestyle you lead a good plant based multivitamin will help you achieve the kinds of full health benefits that a healthy diet and exercise alone can not provide. Even if you have been taking a synthetic traditional vitamin for years it will still benefit you to switch now to a plant based multivitamin, and let your body absorb the nutrients needed for an optimal immune system. You can find these new styles of vitamins online or in your local health food or natural medicine store. I hope I have convinced you to try a plant based multivitamin today, you should give them a shot, you won’t regret it!