How To Decorate A Room With Personality

How To Decorate A Room With Personality

One of the biggest complaints that people have about modern architecture and interior decorating, is the absence of character. We have lost the sense of wonder and beauty that comes from old architecture and interior decor, which put beauty at the heart of design. We all have a yearning to live in a place that is filled with wonder, suffused with personality, rather than the featureless International Style that is so dominant. A great place to start is your room, a place that you can decorate according to your own personality, and craft into a place that you can look at with wonder. Here are three secrets for decorating your room with personality.

Enrich Your Style

One of the great myths of classical Roman and Greek statues, architecture and interior decor, is that it was all white. This myth has led to an ideal of architecture that emphasizes blandess. In reality, it was filled with color. All across the world, color has always been an important part of architecture and interior decor, because of its ability to make spaces seem brighter, happier, and bigger. Enrich your room with more color, with works of art, with vintage pieces, plants, and any personal pieces, such as photos, heirlooms, or souvenirs. This will enliven your room, connect it to the past, and your personal history, and infuse your values into your room.

Get Creative

Oftentimes, we get into a creative rut, and it’s hard to reimagine something in a creative way. Creativity, ultimately, is about connecting things that would never otherwise have been connected. These novel associations are what constitutes creativity. So if you’re having a hard time reimagining your room, go to vintage stores, modern stores, flea markets, visit friends, and other things, so that you get exposed to different styles. Sketch out different mixes of these styles. Don’t worry about getting it right. The focus should be on getting a large volume of designs. Eventually, a good one will emerge. The process of mixing styles will shock your brain into creativity.

Grow Your Confidence

Returning to color, it is here that you should really develop confidence. Full Coverage Residential Painting believes that you can grow your confidence in working with and being comfortable in color, over time. You don’t have to go from a white room, to a green one, for example, overnight. Take your time. You can start with small measures, like bringing in a colorful vase, a colorful set of pillows, or some colorful artwork. Over time, you will get a sense of the colors that resonate with you, the colors that spark joy in your life. Once you have realized the kinds of colors that agree with you, you can think about a color theme for your room that builds on those colors. If you’re still uncomfortable, bring in a big rug, paint a wall, or get a colorful piece of furniture. Remember, it’s not a race, you can get to the destination, color confidence, at your own pace. It all starts with small steps.