How Music Will Thrive Without Concerts During COVID

It may seem like the music industry is taking a dip due to the band of concerts. However, there is still much to look forward to wishlist the virus still exists. Many musicals like Harry Styles, Billie Elish, and others had to cancel their sold-out tours due to the pandemic. However, Ken Kurson believes that it might not be over yet. 

Concerts can still be hosted as long as they are outdoors. Many people are used to sweaty fans and crazy individuals making concerts what they are. Obviously, that can not occur in the upcoming years. If a concert is held outdoors and people drive up to a designated spot, there might be hope for these musicians. Yes, the atmosphere might be slightly less dull, but the virus will have no chance of spreading around. Overall, music is now listened to on so many platforms concerts aren’t a necessity. Many musicians release music without the idea of even having a concert. With streaming music being more mainstream, concerts have become a luxury, not a necessity. Ken Kurson misses performing but understands that safety comes first.