What is the Process When Looking to Enlist the Services of a Digital Marketing Agency?

So, you have a fantastic product range and a great website, but you simply aren’t getting the traffic, and with the average sales conversion rate at 2-3% of site hits, if your conversion rate is much lower, then it is time to talk with an established SEO provider. In the event you have no idea how to do that, here is a step-by-step guide to enlist the help of a leading digital marketing agency.

Step 1: Carry out an online search

This will give you a very long list of digital marketing agencies and with some careful browsing, you should find one that is in your immediate area that also has a good reputation within the SEO industry. Once you have found a company that fits the bill, send them an email telling them a little about your business and they will send you a reply, thanking you for your enquiry.

Step 2: Online Audit

Once you’ve made contact, the digital marketing company would carry out a free online audit to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your online status, which would be sent you via email.

Step 3: The Digital Marketing Plan

Using the data they received from the online audit, the SEO provider would put together what they consider to be an effective digital marketing plan that will boost your sales, and this would soon follow the audit report. If you choose a well-known SEO company such as the Bristol-based digital marketing company found at https://www.moveaheadmedia.co.uk/, you can be sure that they fully understand your business and its needs.

Step 4: The Implementation

Once you are in agreement with the plan, the SEO company can get to work, starting with making some amendments to your website, inserting commonly used keywords in specific locations, which helps search engines like Google to recognise your platform. Other recommendations might include social media marketing (SMM), outreach blogging and other strategies like creating listings on prominent online business directories, and over a period of time, you will notice that more visitors are looking at your products, which should lead to a better conversion rate.

Step 5: Tweaking

Once the plan is implemented, the SEO specialist uses powerful analytical tools to determine how the strategies are performing, and it is normal for the SEO provider to make some adjustments, and as the plan unfolds, the expert is always monitoring and tweaking things, depending on the results.

Ongoing SEO Services

As you already know, the Internet is in a constant state of change, with new content posted and old content deleted, and in order to maintain the desired level of site traffic, you need the SEO work to be ongoing. Many businesses are very happy with the results and decide to maintain the service indefinitely, and if this boost sales, then it has to be good value for money.

If you would like a free online audit of your business, Google is your best friend and will put you in touch with the right digital marketing agency, and the process to boost your sales can begin.