Eyelash Extension Care Guide: Tips to Prevent Shedding and Preserve Your Lash Extensions

Master increases eyelashes of a young girl in a beauty salon. The girl lies on a background of flowers. Professional eyelash extensions with tweezers, bundles and glue.

Fall is in the air. So is the annual autumnal lash shedding, right? We’ll explain why this occurs and what you can do to prevent it from happening so your lashes stay thick and full. 

What is Lash Shedding?

The last time you saw a lash fall, do you recall making a wish? Yes, that was lash shedding, and even with lash extensions, we all go through it.

Your lashes shed in cycles even though they fully replace and regenerate every 60–90 days. However, this is a beneficial component of our hair-growth process, so don’t panic. We can lose between 1 and 5 natural eyelashes per day, depending on our individual hair development. Furthermore, we can lose up to 20% of our natural lashes on average every two weeks.

The great thing is that a new eyelash is currently growing to replace one that has fallen out. In addition, for most of us, this process goes on almost unnoticed.

Why Does Fall Lash Shedding Occur?

Do you know how certain animals lose their winter coats? Well, for us and lash shedding, it’s essentially the same!

You may wonder why this happens and why at this time of the year. The answer is that the humidity increases as October approaches and the seasons and temperatures start to shift. This alteration has the potential to affect our lash cycle. Additionally, it also may be the cause of the occasional lash loss that we experience.

Our bodies are producing more oil during this time to prevent the dehydration of both our skin and hair. Therefore, it’s usual for us to notice more loss of our head hair around this time of year. The same is true of our eyelashes.

How are Eyelash Extensions Affected by Lash Shedding? 

The truth is that having lash extensions does not cause lash shedding to magically halt. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand that your extension will fall out along with your natural lash whenever it sheds. Every single eyelash on each of us is programmed to grow to a specific length, fall out, and then regenerate with the extension still attached. Nevertheless, there are a couple of things you can do to help:

  • Your lash line will remain full and stunning as long as you follow up with your lash refill appointments every couple of weeks. 
  • Another fast trick is to use a clean lash wand to brush your eyelashes every day. This will brush away any debris that may have gotten on your lash line and keep your lashes in place.

Eyelash Care During the Shed Cycle

1. Keep Your Lash Extensions Clean

One crucial action to do when you realize your natural lashes are dropping is to keep your extensions clean. Why? Your lash line may develop more accumulation during a seasonal change. Therefore, use a cleanser that is appropriate for lash extensions to prevent this.

2. Apply Lash Sealant

All the time, but especially in the fall, it’s a good idea to invest in lash sealant. A sealant will increase the lifespan of the adhesive. In addition, it will keep your extensions in place for longer even if it won’t stop your natural lashes from falling out. Therefore, consider it merely as an additional layer of defense for your lashes during the fall shedding season.

Maintain Regular Lash Fills

It’s crucial that you never skip a lash refill appointment with your lash professional. You may keep your favorite voluptuous lash look by coming in for refills every two weeks, even when your lashes are shedding. Regular maintenance is the best prevention for fall shedding.