San Diego Business Mogul Jason Hughes: 3 Words That Shape Business

Jason Hughes is used to promoting a culture of respect and excellence, but at his San Diego headquarters, the tenant-representation tycoon offers three words that don’t belong in anyone’s vocabulary for 2022: “Should,” “But,” and “Sorry” are among the words he’s challenging everyone to omit from their day-to-day lives. Jason Hughes finds all three of these words to be equally worthless. “Words have power and should be used wisely,” he said at his headquarters in San Diego. When it comes to inspiring the team with more valuable vocabulary words, he relies on the experts. HM has been known to host some of the most revered motivational speakers in the world, including Joe Calloway, Mike Robbins, and Jesse Itzler. Robbins, who has been working with the HM team for many years, aims to spread a message of positivity and kindness. Fostering a culture of high-performance matters to Hughes. That’s why he is determined to surround his staff with the wisdom and knowledge for growth and success. As Jason Hughes always says, “Onward!” Itzler is the favorite hype man at HM. Itzler, who is married to Sara Blakely, the creator of Spanx, encourages setting aside 10% of each day for yourself. “Don’t give up,” Itzler advised at the company’s San Diego offices during a retreat. “You didn’t come this far to only come this far.” Itzler also sees pressure as a privilege. “We have an incredible team,” Jason Hughes said. “From San Diego to New York, we’re making things happen and we couldn’t be prouder of all that we’ve accomplished and all the things we still plan to do. It’s an exhilarating time to be in tenant representation, culture consulting, and project management.”