The IVF Experience According to Entrepreneur Miki Agrawal

Miki Agrawal

Miki Agrawal

An award-winning senior executive and business owner, Miki Agrawal is the force behind Tushy, an innovative device that attaches to the consumer’s existing toilet and transforms it into a bidet. She is also the founder of the gluten-free pizza restaurant Wild and the liquid-resistant underwear company Thinx. An inspiration to many, Miki Agrawal has written two acclaimed books that reflect her belief in the power of disruption and her unconventional business ideas.

Unlike may successful entrepreneurs who excel professionally at the expense of their personal connections, Miki Agrawal has long demonstrated a passionate and steadfast commitment to family matters. She marvels at the numerous ways that her beloved son Hiro and her supportive husband Andrew have guided and enhanced her life.

Miki Agrawal’s desire for a rich and fulfilling personal life extends to the social sphere as well. In fact, many of her friends rent apartments in her building, which makes casual, spontaneous get-togetherness possible at random points during any given week.

In short, Miki Agrawal is nothing if not a woman who seems to have it all. Anyone looking at her life from the outside will find little lacking and much to admire. After all, she has clearly achieved a work/life balance that nearly any woman is bound to find impressive.

Of course, few “perfect” lives are quite as perfect as they first appear. In Miki Agrawal’s case, she gradually became concerned when she and Andrew failed to conceive a second child after trying to do so for an extended period of time. The desire to bring another baby into the world was quite strong for the Agrawals, and when Miki simply couldn’t get pregnant, it introduced tremendous turmoil into their otherwise “perfect” existence.

In the middle of this turmoil, Miki Agrawal felt that it was imperative to broach a subject that is considered taboo by far too many: in-vitro fertilization (or IVF). Furthermore, she had the forethought and bravery to combat the various stigmas attached to IVF by documenting her IVF journey in an open and honest way.

Miki Agrawal has told the story of her experiences with IVF through her private blog as well as more conventional media outlets. For example, the health and wellness authority Healthtian published an account of her IVF experiences and insights in the September 2021 article “Miki Agrawal’s IVF Journey Shines Light on This Often-Taboo Subject.”

Since completing an initial IVF procedure in July 2021, IVF procedure in July 2021, TUSHY Founder Miki Agrawal has examined the benefits and drawbacks of IVF from a number of perspectives. While the sensitive nature of this topic would lead many women to keep their IVF experience discreetly to themselves, Miki Agrawal is a strong believer in the power of a shared story. By making her IFV journey public, she hopes to comfort and inspire other women who might find themselves on a journey that is similar.