4 Tips for Younger Looking Skin

We all want to look older when we are young, but we spend a lot more time later wishing we looked more youthful. If only we could stay in that sweet spot where we looked our best. Aging affects our whole body, but most of that is unseen. Where people notice aging is in our hair, the way we move, and especially our skin. Skin is the part that lets us down, but most people don’t realize that with proper treatment, you can extend your youthful appearance. Our skin needs protection, good nutrition, and adequate care. Here are a few things that will help.

  1. Moisturizers: As we go about our day, our skin must experience some less than optimal conditions. We scrub it and damage it in the shower. Then we soap it up so we can get it clean. And then we expose it to UV light and sometimes lousy air. Our skin is designed to repair itself, but we constantly interrupt the process with the way we live. One reason to use moisturisers is to allow our skin to recover and if the product has sunscreen, it provides a break from UV damage. But not all moisturisers are equal. Some also contain compounds that can enter the skin and help to rebuild and restore lost collagen and elasticity. Anti aging treatment from QR8, for example, is a dermatologist-approved formula that can do much more than moisturizing.
  2. Nutrition: No matter what you do externally, it will not significantly affect what you can do through good nutrition. In the last 100 years, food technology has brought various components that make our food more convenient and long-lasting. But many of these mysterious additives have proven to be toxic. We are designed to eat natural food, real vegetables, fruits, nuts, meats, and natural oils. If you are a vegetarian, you can avoid meat too. Eating natural foods, and especially foods high in Vitamin E and collagen, will make a huge difference to your skin, and the effects will be long-lasting.
  3. Hydration: Not much needs to be said here. Your skin is better off when you are hydrated. Drink lots of water. Nothing is simpler than that.
  4. Protection: The most significant external cause of skin damage is UV light from the sun. We need a certain amount of sunlight daily to get our Vitamin D to help our immune system. But 15 minutes should be enough. After that, get on the moisturising sunblock and protect that skin. People say pale skin is unhealthy looking, but getting a tan is destructive. Another way to protect your skin is never to smoke, tobacco is hard on our skin, and likely other forms of smoke do us no favours. Alcohol is another product that will prematurely age the skin. Moderation is the key, as it is for all things in life. 

Unfortunately, our genetics will have a strong determination on our youthful looks. But you can hold back time to a certain extent with healthy choices. We all age, but we will live longer and look better when we take care of our skin.