The First Season of Stargirl is Worth Tuning in For

Who doesn’t love a quality show based in the DC universe, especially one with a female lead, with some incredible powers and a fierce punch? If you haven’t checked out DC’s Stargirl, it’s time to tune in. 

Stargirl is backed by Great Producers and Writers

Stargirl aired in May of 2020 on the DC Universe streaming service and was released on the CW the next day. Before the premiere, characters from the show made appearances in the Arrowverse crossover. The show has great producers and writers behind it, including executive producer, Geoff Johns. The series was renewed for a second season, which is highly anticipated and expected to premiere in 2021.

The Plot Follows Stargirl from High School Student to JSA Leader

Stargirl follows American high school student Courtney Whitmore, played by Brec Bassinger. After her life turns upside down when her mom gets remarried, the kind, athletic Courtney starts at a new school, having moved from Los Angeles to small-town Nebraska. 

As she struggles to adapt to a new life and school, she finds a weapon in her stepfather’s things called the cosmic staff. After finding the weapon, Courtney Whitmore becomes Stargirl and is also named leader of the new Justice Society of America. 

This second formation of the JSA takes place about a decade after many of the original JSA members were killed in a battle against the Injustice Society of America. Courtney’s stepfather was once sidekick to Starman, who invented the cosmic staff. The cosmic staff gives her superpowers like levitation of objects, flight, creation of force fields and energy blasts with a big punch behind them.

Stargirl Dives Deep into Courtney’s Relationships

One of the best things about this show is Stargirl’s ability to make friends and bring them into the JSA. For instance, Yolanda becomes an outcast at Blue Valley High due to scandal and Courtney quickly recruits her for the JSA. Yolanda bands with JSA members to become the second reincarnation of Wildcat, played by Yvette Monreal. Hourman and Dr. Midnight are among other members of the JSA that show up in Stargirl.

Courtney juggles the life of a teenager at her new school, Blue Valley High with the responsibilities of the JSA. She’s also got new family dynamics in the mix,  especially her relationship with her stepdad. He becomes her reluctant superhero role model while trying to provide a normal life for his family away from heroes and superpowers. 

Bassinger is Playing a Younger Version of Stargirl Than Previously Seen

To prepare for the role, Bassinger decided not to look at previous depictions of Stargirl on Smallville and Legends of Tomorrow. She said these portrayals show Stargirl as older and more mature. Bassinger wanted the role to show Courtney as a young student who has a lot to learn. 

It’s a Show Worth the Watch 

Stargirl has received high ratings from critics overall and is worth the watch. It’s easy to follow, even if you haven’t tuned into any of the other shows set in the DC Universe. It’s especially fabulous to see these new incarnations of superheroes. Plus, you really can’t beat a show with a strong female lead! If you’re looking for something new, give this show a watch.