Tips to Create the Ultimate Gaming Environment

Gaming has come on in leaps and bounds in the past few years, with superfast Internet, powerful graphics cards and HD screens, making it much easier to create the ultimate gaming environment. With virtual reality making an entrance, the future looks rosy for the gaming industry and if you want to up your game, here are a few tips to help you create the perfect environment to lift your gaming experience.

  • Cut Out Distractions – It doesn’t take much to take your focus away at a critical time in the game, it might be a gap in the curtain that allows vehicle headlights to flash across the wall, or perhaps your cat that likes to snuggle up. Hopefully, you wear JIB’s gaming headset, which takes away any audible distractions and take a look around the room for potential causes of distraction and take suitable measures to remove them. Switch your smartphone to silent when playing, as this could impact your game if the timing was wrong, while any digital device could make a sound, so best turned off. When playing a serious game, don’t forget the ‘Game On – Do Not Disturb’ sign!
  • Lighting – This is a critical element of creating the best gaming environment; the majority prefer to turn off all the lights, using the screen as ambient light, while the special gaming keyboard’s backlight feature gives you control illumination. Light in the corner of a room can be a distraction in itself and all the pro gamers prefer no light sources outside of their hardware, for a very good reason. You might want to take a look at blue light filters, which are very popular with serious gamers.
  • Curved Monitors – The 3-screen curved set up is simply awesome, regardless of the game and a quick search on the online computer supplier’s page will bring up the best brands; you can’t beat the online supplier’s prices so don’t bother trying to find a lower price tag. The rapid refresh rate really does make a difference!
  • Gaming Chair – If you’re serious about gaming, you’ll invest in a pro gaming chair; the Cougar or Nubwo are the very top of the tree and a couple of hundred dollars sees you sorted for seating. The hi-back design supports your spine and even long sessions are comfortable with gas adjustment and breathable PVC leather. Red & black is the popular colour combo and the fine height adjustment enables you to be at the optimum elevation for optimum response.
  • Temperature – Only you know your optimum room temperature, but most aim for 23-25C, which might require either heating or a/c, plus you want some ventilation and airflow, just a little. If you are concerned about heat from your rig, a small fan aimed at the CPU case vents should do it. Click here for information about e-commerce in Thailand, in case you’re worried about buying genuine components online.

Much like a professional sportsperson, your gaming environment needs to be just right and the above tips should help you to create the ultimate gaming set up, oh, and when buying IT hardware, don’t skimp, as this is the core of your game.