Sampling the World’s Spiciest Dishes

spicy foods

When food choices start to get dull after a while, cooking or ordering a spicy dish can help make lunch or dinner a much livelier occasion. This blog highlights seven spicy food options from around the world for those who just need to try something different.

Griot from Haiti

Haitians typically prepare Griot with pork shoulder and add Sauce Ti-Malice to make this one of the country’s hottest dishes. Chefs also cover Griot in Haitian hot sauce made from habanero chili peppers or minced scotch bonnet, spicy pickled peppers, and apple cider vinegar.

Sichuan Spicy Fish with Chili Oil

Sichuan cuisine fans love their seafood and a particular dish simply known as Spicy Fish with Chili Oil. The dish has become especially popular over the last several years as Chinese government has encouraged the population to consume more seafood to get their daily allotment of protein. Restaurant chefs prepare the dish with large amounts of mala seasoning and spicy Sichuan peppercorns and serve to diners who can’t quite appreciate the heat of the food they are about to eat.

Kimchi Jjigae from Korea

Image by jia jiyou from Pixabay

Most restaurants in Korea offering this dish serve it to diners as hot and spicy as possible but some do offer a milder version. Kimchi Jjigae contains mushrooms, tofu, garlic, green peppers, and heaps of red chili peppers. People eating this dish tend to break out in sweat, whether it is their first time or they make Kimchi Jjigae a regular part of their diet.

Papa A La Huancaina from Peru

Visitors to Peru sometimes make the common mistake of thinking this dish is just another salad topped with boiled eggs and olives. They quickly find out otherwise when they reach the Huancaina sauce made with Amarillo chili peppers. Peruvians love Papa A La Huancaina and consider it the hottest and spiciest food in all of Peru.

Phaal Curry from Great Britain

Part British and part Asian, Phaal Curry originated in restaurants located in the United Kingdom city of Birmingham. The main ingredients are scotch bonnet peppers and habanero peppers, although chefs have also started adding ghost peppers in more recent years.

Pork Vindaloo from India

This traditional favorite, made with Goan-Portuguese meat, includes tangy vinegar, heavy amounts of garlic, and chiles hot enough to make anyone’s mouth water. Pork Vindaloo has the distinction of being the spiciest food India has to offer thanks to the heat-rising properties of the added vinegar.

Sichuan Hot Pot from China: No one has ever accused Sichuan food of being too cold, but the Hot Pot pushes the spiciness factor to the limit. Sichuan Hot Pot is so hot that the Chinese consider it the spiciest appetizer in the country. When inviting guests to their home, hosts prepare a large pot of spicy boiling broth and then offer several appetizer options to dip into it. Small slices of meat and wontons are just two examples.

With so many spicy food options available, people who really feel up for a challenge can try one from every country in the world.