Natural Ways to Improve the Air Quality in your Home

Air quality is something we never used to consider, but as pollution worsens, the quality of the air that you and your family breathe at home is an essential requirement. Rather than spraying chemical air-fresheners, there are natural ways to eradicate bad smells and remove contaminants from your home, and with that in mind, here are a few examples.

  • Indoor Plants – Adding a few tropical plants is a natural way to improve the air quality and searching online will bring you a list of indoor plants that purify the air. Green is a soothing colour and with a few plants here and there, the ambience is natural.
  • Beeswax Candles – Check out the amazing Abeille beeswax candles that are hand-crafted, giving off a soothing natural aroma while removing contaminants. The beeswax is blended with organic coconut oil to produce a non-toxic burn and the natural scent is very appealing.
  • Air Conditioner Filters – If the filters in your a/c system are clogged, this will result in poor air quality, so do have them cleaned at least twice a year, which will also keep your energy bills down. It is easy to overlook this, which is why some homeowners leave a post it on the kitchen wall.
  • Humidity Control – If the air is humid, this encourages the growth of bacteria and fungi and you can buy air purifiers online and they are not that expensive. A couple of de-humidifiers around the house is all it takes to keep the air dry, which is much healthier. Talk to a friend or work colleague and ask them what they think of their de-humidifier, which should be enough to convince you they are worth the money. Click here for an article on why natural living makes total sense.
  • Mold & Mildew – If there are any damp patches in the spare room, for instance, you need to get to the root of the problem, as dampness can cause respiratory issues. Modern homes are insulated against rising damp, but older properties require close inspection and if dampness is present, this needs to be addressed as soon as possible.
  • Kitchen Air Extraction – At least one small extractor fan should be in the kitchen, as cooking brings with it many odours, not to mention particles, plus this creates a pathway for air to circulate. By opening a few small windows here and there, you can create air paths, which provide much-needed ventilation.
  • Avoid Using Aerosols – They might have a nice lemon scent, but the propellant does contain toxins, therefore you should avoid using them. This also includes furniture polish, which does have a negative impact on the air quality, or indeed, hair spray or any aerosol for that matter. Click here for further reading on the air quality in New Zealand, from the government.

Of course, a lot depends on where you live, but if there is some air pollution around your home, some or all of the above will make the atmosphere healthier. It is the little things that can make all the difference and with online solutions, you can order a few beeswax candles and start cleaning and purifying the air in your home.