Using Pegboard Storage for Jewelry Organization


Homeowners have long used pegboards to organize tools and other items stored in the garage. This solution frees up space on the garage floor and makes it easier to find tools when needed. Over the past several years, people have discovered several other creative uses for pegboards such as storing and organizing jewelry, pictures, and art supplies.

People who like to accessorize with necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, and other jewelry often find they have to dig through a tangled mess in their jewelry box to find what they need. Placing pieces of jewelry on a bulletin board made of cork doesn’t always work so well either. Thumbtacks cannot always sustain the weight of a piece of jewelry, which increases the likelihood of finding it on the floor instead of neatly hung. Unfortunately, using paper clips to hang jewelry is not a solution either.

Pegboards to the Rescue

A pegboard is a piece of large metal with hooks made of durable plastic. The hooks do not contain paint or anything else that could rub off and potentially damage a piece of jewelry. Other materials used to create a pegboard include wall trim, acrylic paint, and wood scraps. Manufacturers piece it together using a hot glue gun and a paintbrush.

The price of a single pegboard reflects the fact that manufacturers can easily create them in bulk without using a lot of tools or materials. Individuals who want to create their own custom pegboard often have a more challenging time, but it is possible.

Those interested in creating their own pegboard to organize and store a jewelry collection should start by purchasing a sheet of pegboard from a local hardware store. A hardware store employee will need to cut the pegboard to the desired size. He or she will also need to cut wood into four equal sections to frame the pegboard and provide additional strength for it to hang on the wall. From there, it is up to the person completing the do-it-yourself project to complete the following steps:

  • Paint the front of the pegboard in the desired color.
  • Allow the paint to dry and attach the trim and frame.
  • Add hooks for lighter pieces and shelves for heavier jewelry items.
  • Mount the pegboard on the wall using nails and a screwdriver.
  • Place jewelry on the hooks and shelves according to size, type, color, how often worn, or another preferred organizing system.

Considerations of Using a Pre-Made Pegboard for Jewelry Organization

Creating their own pegboard gives people a sense of accomplishment. However, they may need to go through a lot of frustration and wasted time and materials first. A pre-made pegboard is strong, lightweight, and easily portable when moving or choosing a different location for it. The hooks lock easily to keep items secure while also sliding out gently should the pegboard owner decide to move jewelry pieces from one spot to another.

Whether people buy or make a pegboard, one thing is clear. They are unlikely to return to untangling necklaces, finding only one earring, or dealing with other frustrations of using a jewelry box or drawer for storage.