Blend Materials to Create Unique Outdoor Furniture Styles

mixing concrete and other outdoor furniture styles

While many homeowners enjoy spending time on their patio, their outdoor furniture is often a collection of old lawn chairs and mismatched pieces from inside the home they never use. With a little creativity, outdoor furniture can be as matched and stylish as indoor furniture just by blending different materials together as described below.

Aluminum and Wicker

Aluminum matches well with light brown wicker material often found in patio chairs. The combination is fresh, understated, and unique. Adding lighter color cushions to the chairs increases the appeal. Lighter colored seat cushions also serve a practical purpose in that they appear cleaner for a longer time than darker colored cushions. This is due to the tendency of darker colors to attract dust.

Use Different Furniture Arrangements for Different Purposes

Some people like to use their patio to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family while others like to eat meals outside as often as possible. Setting up one set of furniture for relaxing and visiting on one side of the patio and a table and chairs for eating on the other side is a good solution for those who like to do both.

Dividing up the space with outdoor furniture sends a clear message to guests and other family members where to sit and for what purpose. The furniture for each side of the patio should be a slightly different style but created from the same type of material. Choosing this decorating style helps to create a peaceful and welcoming aesthetic.

Concrete Makes Sturdy and Attractive Outdoor Furniture

Concrete is no longer just for pouring driveways and sidewalks but can make a nice addition to the outdoor space as well. This is especially true for patio furniture poured from darker colors and mixed with aluminum. Contrasting a dark gray table made from concrete with patio chairs made from wicker or teak and painted white can make an especially attractive combination.

Step-by-Step Tips for Outdoor Furniture Selection and Placement

Homeowners can have a difficult time selecting just the right outdoor furniture for their patio even after they have researched a few ideas. The following steps should make it easier.

  • Start by choosing a dominant color. This will be the basis for all other decorating decisions.
  • Choose furniture made from two or more unique materials to provide a sharp contrast and element of style to outdoor seating. Some common materials used in outdoor furniture manufacturing include teak, aluminum, concrete, stainless steel, and wicker. Design experts recommend that each type of material appear a minimum of three times for the most balanced and attractive aesthetic.
  • Homeowners should decide whether they want a contemporary or traditional design style when setting up their outdoor furniture. Although it’s not mandatory to select only one, the style should predominantly display one over the other. Grouping furniture together based on types of material helps to give the entire patio a polished look.
  • Lay the furniture out in distinct groupings and place some type of transition between groups such as an area rug or plants.

Following these steps means that outdoor furniture no longer needs to be an afterthought. When homeowners know how to blend materials, colors, and styles, outdoor furniture can be as attractive and comfortable as indoor furniture.