Why Community Support is Welcomed

Many Hands Holding the Words Yes You Can, Isolated

There is always a need to support local communities. Especially during COVID-19, there are ways to donate and help people stay afloat during such a difficult time. Rachel Harow, a pillar in her community, has enjoyed giving back to the people that need her support most. It can be a very humbling experience and many people appreciate acts of kindness more than they know. 

When a community is in need, it’s important to unite as leaders and help in any way possible. Let’s say your community has had a COVID-19 breakout. Instead of going shopping at malls or unnecessary places, choose to stay home. In addition, wear a mask in public. Finally, help deliver grocers to those who are older or sick so they don’t expose themselves or others.Giving back is so much more important than materialistic things. Communities are survived by the people who cherish others and do their best to be supportive, like Rachel Harow. With so much going on in the world, it’s of the highest importance to stay resilient and persevere.