In order to give a person has to be humbled by the experience. Giving should not be out of self-promotions or a selfish act. It must be pure of heart to really mean something. One was to give it by providing donations to a non-profit organization. By doing so the organization can thrive and better serve certain communities. Alexander Djerassi is a very humble person. When non-profits receive these donations, they can do many tasks with the profits. For example, help open schools, provide educational opportunities to those in need, shelter the homeless, feed those who are hungry, and so much more. Giving is truly an act of good nature and beauty. The reason to give is that as humans, we have to work together to solve the common good. Look back at the times when help was needed in one’s personal life and someone went out of their way to better assist one. This collaboration is truly magnificent it is the reason-giving is so highly favorable by all.