Nonprofits to Support this Month

There are many nonprofits everyone should support. However, this month, there has been a calling to support the ones who need as many resources as they can. Shalom Lamm, a non-profit CEO, urges people to donate as it can mean life and death for many. Recently, there have been wildfires spreading across California and some neighboring states. 

Many have lost their home and have been worried about what would happen if another fire were to emerge. Here is a list of nonprofits that help spread wild-fire awareness and assist people in gaining back their homes. There is Americas, Family promise, The Oregon Community Foundation, California Community Foundations, California Fire Foundation, Good 360, Save The Children, Global Giving, Operation USA, and Direct Relief. These foundations have really benefited those who need it most. When a fire occurs, it is terrifying for not only homeowners but full communities. The consistency of the air changes and it can be damaging to people’s health and wellness. These organizations do their best to support these families with resources they would need if something like this were to happen again. Historians like Shalom Lamm are melancholy that this devastation will end up in history books all around the world. Please donate if possible.