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Charity is the ultimate act of kindness. When a person shares whatthe have with others, it shows their good nature. Diego Ruiz Duran believes strongly in the act of charity. There are so many ways that one can give. Many give back to their communities, and others prefer to give back to their friends or family. Charity is a beautiful way to unite people as well.

When a person does their best to give back to communities, their outreach will begin to develop. Charities are usually interlinked so giving to one means giving to many. A lot of times, the act of giving does not correspond with money or finances. GIving can mean so many different things. For example, it can mean giving time and effort.Volunteering is an act of giving. Spending countless hours supporting a cause is very valuable to organizations. In addition, that builds the community because it allows people to connect with each other on deeper levels. DOnating is another act of charity that is very underrated. Many correlate donating with money when in fact that’s not the case. Many charities accept clothes, nonperishables, and other items that speed their organization. Diego Ruiz Duran knows how paramount charities and nonprofit organizations are in this world. Especially in 2020.