In order to be an efficient entrepreneur, investor, or even student one must study the importance of time management. Having a schedule and planner is critical in 2020. This is because when a person is unorganized, bad things might happen. Disorganization is a flaw that occurs in many people when they are anxious, overwhelmed, stressed, or fatigued. When the many industries of the world hire someone who is unorganized, it doesn’t end well for both parties. That is why organization is key to any successful professional careers. There are many skills individuals can attain if organizational practices are kept fluent. First off, one will feel more accomplished. When a day and tasks are planned out in advance, there is more time to complete anything on that list. It’s important to discuss what the tasks are to complete in advance because if not, one can forget something paramount. Andrew Napolitano finds it easy to be organized. The best way to remain fluent with timelines is by making them accessible at any time. By having a timeline on a mobile device, one can easily check what the next step is. Electronic planners are great because they automatically save the information and store it for long periods of time. When a person is more organized, they are better at their jobs and education.