Shalom Lamm on Donating to Nonprofits in 2021

Nonprofits need support from all of us. With 2020 bringing many privations forward, nonprofits are some of the most cardinal organizations to support. Shalom Lamm, CEO of non-profit, Operation Benjamin, is dedicated to enlisting his help in any capacity he can. As citizens of this great nation, we must support non-profits in order to support the locals who use them the most.

America is full of diverse communities that each offer service in independent ways. There are communities that specifically focus on animal welfare. Some focus on homeless shelter contributions. Others, looking for volunteers in hospitals or medical institutions. No matter the non-profit, Lamm encourages people to donate what they can to help support these organizations. 

Shalom Lamm, as written about on his Personal Blog, has been involved in many charitable acts. He is a very humble individual, but his Jewish community makes it known how helpful he has been over the decades. Starting off in the 1990’s Lamm donated thousands of non-perishables to a struggling Jewish community in Europe. After knowing how much his dedication was appreciated by the people suffering overseas, he made a promise to never stop giving. 

Many stereotypes some businesses can be ruthless and conniving. Businesses have a moral responsibility to support local communities and a considerable amount don’t. However, Lamm has done his best to avoid those stereotypes in his professional life. Although he faced some hardships in his business, he has developed such admiration for non-profit organizations and uses the mistakes he made as a way to help others. 

In addition to his non-profit work as CEO with Operation Benjamin, he has been a founder of other organizations. The Hatzolah Medical Rescue squad has been transanal for the New York Community. With dozens of volunteers helping people get to the emergency room and saving lives, Shalom agrees to donate. Nonprofits like these were created to frankly save lives. That’s not something that should be trifled with, especially during COVID-19. Even donating a few dollars a month could help support these organizations and pay for the supplies they need to keep hearts beating.

There are thousands of charities to donate to. Now, with websites like GoFundMe, Lamm believes that there is a charity out there that appeases anyone. Many patients also use that website to pay for hospital bills and even funeral costs. It is a momentous website and Lamm donates to those in need whenever he can. 2020 has been very unpredictable. Politics, social justice movements, and the virus have forever changed the world. These nonprofits and charities help support Black Lives Matter, Climate Change Campaigns, and COVID-19 patients. It may seem impossible to pick which one to donate to but as long as the thought is there, people will be full of gratitude. Lamm has mentioned on Ambit Success that he believes 2021 can still be saved. Nonprofits that are doing all the behind the scenes work need to be supported in order for 2021 to be a good year. Shalom Lamm knows that in order for there to be a protection for impoverished people and those who need charitable assistance, donations have to be made. Yes, financially 2020 was hard for many, but the importance of charity lies in putting others over oneself. To find other nonprofits to donate, other than those listed above, search for local organizations. Every dollar helps to make 2021 a better and more vigorous year.