Ways to Support Your Community During COVID-19

Many communities, if not all, in America, need support from locals. Those in Florida, like Rachel Harow, are fearful of what the pandemic might do to the local businesses. In many other communities small businesses are struggling to stay afloat and positive. 

That’s why everyone has to pitch in in order to save these generational businesses. Instead of going to national grocery stores, try to support local farmers and smaller stores. It’s of the utmost importance that businesses are given the resources they need to continue bringing authenticity to each community. Also, purchasing an abundance of products and then donating to local shelters is another great way to be proactive in the community. Shelters need non-perishables and donations more than ever. Rachel Harow is donating on a local and national level to help support nonprofits. Even going through your own pantry and finding products to donate would be of great value to anyone.