Communities in America range in size, demographic, and location. Each place on the map is a community and that’s why it’s so important to support them. Many have community pillars, like Rachel Harow, who strives to do her best to support women in her area. So many acts of kindness go a long way, and they cost no money to fulfill. 

The first thing a person can do is clean the streets. Take a few bags with some friends and start picking up garbage that’s laying around. It’s important to recycle whatever can be. In addition, volunteering at nursing homes or hospitals is a great way to stay involved in the community.If being physical is not possible, donating to food banks, shelters, or cooking food for those in need is a great opportunity to be helpful. Maybe don’t realize how much kindness affects people and it can be really life changing. Rachel Harow, a very kind individual, teaches her children these practices so that they know that supporting their community should always be a priority.