Why Traditions Are So Important

There are many benefits to understanding and upholding traditions. Many individuals use their heritage and practices as a way of representation. It is believed that traditions are carried down because of their high impact on individuals and society. For example, Shalom Lamm celebrates Rosh Hashanah because it is part of his Jewish heritage and culture. There are millions more who celebrate holidays as part of their culture.

The reason these traditions are so important is that they shape us into who we are now. All the time spent preparing ethnic dishes, dancing to hundred-year-old songs, and going through rituals that teach us about who we are is never wasted. Even birthdays are a form of tradition. Growing one year old and celebrating that is how we differentiate one year from another. Traditions even impact us if we no longer follow them. When we dissociate with a culture we are brought up with, it is because of our own judgments. To some, celebrating birthdays isn’t a tradition they want to celebrate and they have their own set of reasons for it. It’s no one’s right to judge what people do and don’t celebrate. Shalom Lamm studies history because he was fascinated by how traditions have shaped people and civilizations.