Digital Solutions for Property Rentals

If you are in the rental property business, one of the hardest things to do is find good tenants, yet there is a great online service that can help you to source the best tenants. The process of finding a real estate agent that offers a rentals service has never been easier, and with a local agent-finding service, you can view a list of recommended agents that specialise in sourcing tenants for rental property owners.

Search, Compare & Connect

This 3-step process will put you in touch with the best performing real estate agents, and when you are renting a property with LocalAgentFinder, you can choose the best performing agents to list your property. Once you land on the website, select ‘rent’ and then enter some details about the property; type of property, number of bedrooms and expected rental, then enter the postal address and you will receive a list of agents that source tenants for property owners.

Essential Agent Information

When you use a real estate agent-finding service, you receive the following information:

  • Number of listings this year.
  • Current number of property listings.
  • Average monthly rental
  • Average number of days until a tenant is found.

This information allows you to make an informed decision regarding the real estate agents you wish to use to source tenants, plus you can also read online reviews from other rental property owners about the service they received, which is a great indication of what to expect. If you are looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint, solar power technology offers clean and renewable energy and many Australian homeowners are turning to eco-friendly power.

Award Winning Agents

There are many local and national awards in the real estate industry, and when a registered real estate agent has awards of any kind, this information will be displayed in their listing. Award-winning companies must be doing something right, and it is a strong indication that you will be happy with their services.

Free Service to Rental Property Owners

The real estate agent-finding service is free to seller and rental property owners, as the agent-finder receives a small commission from the agent, so you can access essential agent data and make an informed decision.

Nationwide Coverage

The real estate agent-finding provider has a nationwide network which covers more than 15,000 suburbs, and the vast majority of real estate agents are registered with the program, so you will be able to select the agent that you feel is right for you. Here is some government information on property, which includes a section on rentals.

Planning Ahead

If you are approaching the end of a tenancy agreement, you can start searching for a real estate agent in advance, and hopefully, you will have a new tenant who is ready to move in when the property is ready for occupation.

When you are looking for a suitable tenant for your rental property, search for a real estate agent-finding service, which is free to the property owner, and find the best agent to source a reliable tenant.