Life can get highly complicated sometimes. Our relationship with our friends, family, and peers shift. It’s very normal to feel lost and passionless at times in our life. However, forgiveness has the power to heal that loneliness and develop new ways to bring happiness forward. Shalom Lamm, a blogger, believes that forgiveness is key in any circumstance. 

There are certain aspects of life that are unforgivable, or at least may seem that way. However, the only thing stopping a person from forgiving is themselves. By forgiving something, one is letting go of it. All the stress, anxiety, anger, and worries that go along with the perpetrating actions eventually dissolve. That is difficult for some people to grasp.When forgiving someone it’s important to put ourselves in their shoes. It may take time for heightened emotions to heal but it will be worth it in the end. Not being able to forgive someone is just holding oneself back from the possibility of exploring happiness. In order to grow as individuals, forgiveness is necessary and can have beautiful outcomes. Shalom Lamm suggests that with forgiveness comes great virtue and value.