What the World Would Be Like Without Nonprofits

Operation Benjamin’s impact has been phenomenal for many families. There are millions of nonprofits that have shaped the world we live in. Without them, so many communities, people, and animals would be in much worse situations then they are now. Non-profit organizations have helped feed homeless people, support young mothers, and save animals from euthanasia. CEO of a non-profit, Operation Benjamin, Shalom Lamm, has done everything in his power to help families be whole again.

It certainly takes a village to have a successful business. However, if everyone has the right mindset and concrete goals, anything is achievable. Without these steller people, who don’t get paid very much for their work, the world would be a different place. A lot of nonprofits rely on the help of volunteers. This is a critical way they run their organizations because volunteers are free and service the organization out of kindness. For example, a dog shelter. They take lots of resources to run and maintain dozens of animals. Dog food, paper towels, regular towels, office equipment, kennels, running water, blow dryers, shampoos, medicines, and so much more are just the basics. It really does take a community effort to run a flawless organization. Overall, so much goes into nonprofits and the world really needs to show more gratitude towards them. Shalom Lamm donates to nonprofit organizations regularly to show his support. Maybe you can too!