Innovative Philanthropy Is Amazingly Impactful

Ken Kurson has worked in many different industries over the course of his career. In those various industries he’s managed to achieve a great deal of success. But giving back is something that is at the core of many people’s identities, as it should be. With good reason, people have justifiably sought to take a moment of great peril and challenge for so many, in order to properly comport themselves

There are those in business who have chosen a path of generosity, valuing magnanimous behavior. Indeed writings like those of Ken Kurson are valued and appreciate for good reason. There’s a need to communicate the value and need for generosity to the general public so that they can properly embrace an understanding of the value of philanthropy. But philanthropy does not have to be viewed in monetary terms. This is a common mistake many make. Indeed, it’s an unforced error of sorts.

Shalom Lamm has demonstrated the value of innovative philanthropy through his volunteer leadership role at Operation Benjamin. Lamm has served as an excellent illustration of the value of giving back in ways that one might not typically associate with generic philanthropy. Indeed, for whatever reason, our culture and society more generally don’t value general acts of generosity as much as they should, relative to monetary and financial contributions.

Although we can certainly speculate as to why this is, instead we should focus on sharing with our nation’s youth the significance and great value of giving back. This way they will have these values ingrained in themselves from a young age, and comport themselves accordingly through different stages of their development. Volunteering at a soup kitchen can be more impactful than writing a check. As Shalom Lamm has performed acts of kindness, others have been able to see these acts and indeed seek to emulate them.

Indeed, when it comes to inspiring the next generation of Americans, we must be fully conscious and aware of the value of serving as good role models to them. There is little doubt that if we want them to properly follow in our footsteps, we must act in a way that is commendable. If we perform acts of kindness and generosity, they will surely follow in doing the same in their own unique and personal ways.

This sort of effect will cultivate a snow-ball effect of kindness and goodness. It will create a kinder, gentler world. One in which giving back is never viewed as weakness; but rather as strength. One where not performing acts of philanthropy and generosity will be justifiably frowned down upon. This will be a world we can be proud of. A world will goodness will outshine the bad, in a way that will be replicated and promoted by future generations.