Chanoch Harow: A Dedicated Supporter of Israel

Chanoch Harow has consistently stepped up to the plate to help Israel in a variety of different ways during his life. Indeed that help has come in other forms beyond the way philanthropy is traditionally defined. The societal definition of philanthropy that is all too familiar to us, is contributing financial means to various causes, organizations and interests that are meaningful to us.

But Chanoch Harow has gone beyond financial assistance when it comes to promoting and helping the state of Israel and its people. Chanoch grew up in a family of zionists, with three brothers who all went to religious zionist camps. In fact, two of Chanoch’s brothers even made aliyah to Israel while still in their 20’s. For Chanoch, his personal experience with Israel was different.

He staffed three separate Israel teen tours; and spent a full summer studying chemistry at Tel Aviv University. Beyond that, he constantly sought out opportunities to help ensure Israel’s prosperity and security. Chanoch joined the Israel Defense Forces at the tender age of 19 serving in the Gavati Infantry Brigade.

Indeed, Chanoch’s service in the IDF is a great demonstration of someone who literally gave his heart and soul to the state of Israel in a way many in the diaspora simply never have the chance to. Serving in the IDF is tantamount to exhibiting a willingness to sacrifice one’s life and one’s personal safety for such a higher cause.

Upon completion of his service in the IDF, Chanoch returned to the United States to attend both university and medical school, subsequent to that. Indeed one of the first substantial purchases Chanoch made once he married his lovely wife Rachel, was a home in the beautiful town of Modiin, in Israel. As a couple, Cory and Rachel have continued expressing their dedication to Israel through their acts of generosity and philanthropy.

Among the organizations they support are the Friends of the IDF, a premiere organization that caters to providing social service and recreational programs for Israel’s protectors. The couple had the unique opportunity to sponsor the complete tuition of an IDF soldier whose college education they absorbed the costs of.

The couple is involved in a myriad of other charities and worthwhile causes as well. Those include Yashar Lechayal, Standing Together, the Helping Israel Fund, and JNF. Chanoch Harow and his wife Rachel’s continued acts of generosity toward the state of Israel persist to this day. In light of all of their contributions, we say thank you.