How LED Lighting Is Helping To Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

It is everyone’s duty to be more caring for the environment, and it is no good passing the responsibility on to someone else. As an adult, you need to be more aware of what is going on around you every single day, and you need to be more accountable for your actions. Many of us try to do our bit for the environment by recycling, and trying to cut down on the amount of waste that we produce every single day. If we all try to do a little bit better, then as a group, we can enact real change, and reduce all of our carbon footprints. People, however, still need to be educated about all of the new technology that is currently available to us, and one example of technology that people are not totally aware of, is LED lighting.

The benefits.

If your home or business property currently has the old style of lighting liked fluorescent lights and old style bulbs, then you really need to talk to experts like the Alpine Trade Group who not only provide, but also install LED lighting throughout your whole property. Installing lighting such as this provides numerous environmental benefits, and here are some of those.

  • Energy efficiency – By installing LED lights inside your property, you are improving on your overall efficiency by almost 80%. Your current fluorescent lights create a high degree of heat, and a low degree of light. LED lights use less electricity than conventional bulbs, and so less energy use, reduces the overall demand that we expect from our electric generating power stations. This in turn reduces the amount of greenhouse gases that are released into the atmosphere. There are many ways that technology helps to reduce stress levels, as this article confirms.
  • Much safer – The fluorescent strip lights that you currently have installed in your office, contain chemicals such as mercury, which are dangerous for humans. When they are no longer working, they then have to be disposed of by a specific kind of waste carrier which is going to cost you money. LED lights on the other hand, contain no toxic chemicals, and so are easier to disposed of. This reduces the time and cost of doing so, and also helps to protect the environment from toxic waste.
  • Save money – LED lights give off for a better quality of light, and you are able to use LEDs to focus light in one particular area. This means that you will need less LED lights to get the same brightness that you would, with twice the amount of fluorescent lights. This means that you will be using less energy and so your electricity bill will be much lower. Here is some Australian government advice on how to save energy, which might prove useful.

LED lights are your first step to becoming more environmentally aware, and they last a lot longer than traditional lights. In most cases, they can last up to 6 times longer, and so fewer resources are needed in order to make new ones. You will not only be reducing your annual costs, but you will also be doing your bit to reduce your carbon footprint.