One’s Philanthropy is a Function of One’s Generosity

Helen Schifter is someone who has been exposed to philanthropy on a variety of different levels. Indeed, there are so many different organizations and institutions out there who are doing good and important work, and truly making a meaningful difference on the lives of so many. But there also needs to be synchronization and more collaboration among many of these interests and philanthropic groups. With this sort of strategic collaboration, so much more could be accomplished.

According to experts like Helen Schifter the changes that have come to the world in recent months have transformed the way people view their finances. No longer are people as prone and inclined to give as generously financially, as they may once have been. Instead, they are motivated and compelled to seek out a straight line version of giving, that’s predicated on what they might be feeling and what their passions may revolve around.

Indeed the heart of one’s philanthropy is driven by how one feels about various issues and how one wishes to employ his or her passions accordingly. These issues might be based on different areas of one’s background that lend themselves to changes in the philanthropic structure of one’s life. And of course, in the end of the day philanthropy does not merely need to come in financial or monetary terms. There are other ways in which one can employ his or her version of giving back, in an effective manner.

So what are the different ways besides for financial contributions in which one can indeed give back? Well, there is volunteering of one’s time, which surely cannot be discounted under any circumstances as an avenue for employing one’s generosity of spirit and good-will. Giving of one’s time toward social programs that one feels passionate about is a beautiful and truly remarkable thing.

Volunteering at a soup kitchen; engaging in dialogue with different faith and cultural groups; and indeed trying to better humanity. These are all ways in which changes can be made for the better – in very constructive ways. These changes come in different sizes and scopes, indeed. But in the end of the day, these changes are meaningful and they matter. The reality of the situation concerning the philanthropic community is that the American spirit is the most generous spirit imaginable. There’s no country on earth more generous. That as a matter of fact, is a reality.